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the PetroMARK® story

PetroMARK's® story is one of evolution;
not instauration.

Hundreds of calculations and logic functions are performed within seconds. The culmination is the result of building upon a foundational idea that began in 2001. Refinements and improvements to the methodology and calculations were added and honed into the finest valuation software for the convenience and retail fuel industry.

PetroMARK® Valuation Software reports the market value of tangible assets, realty; tangible assets, non-realty; and intangible assets instantly and accurately.

This is not statistical modeling.

The valuations are fee simple market value derived from earnings capitalization. This is the only appropriate methodology for estimating the value of the total assets of the business.

Designed for lenders, multi-site operators, and accountants and CFOs implementing VFR standards and Mark-to-Market values for convenience retail property.


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Market Value
Market value as conceptualized by GAAP and Valuation for Financial Reporting (VFR) is the fee simple value of the assets.

Fee simple value does not utilize nor rely on actual or historical earnings for the assets. But, rather is based on how the assets would perform under typical ownership at their specific location.

Existing supply contracts, operating agreements and leases are endemic to investment value, but not fee simple market value.

Investment value is not market value.