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C-Store Valuations
Steve Crooks

Steve Crooks

Oil Company Consultant


Private Property Owner Consultant


Corporate Real Estate Manager


Expert Witness

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California Polytechnic State University – Received Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration 1968.

Military Experience

Commissioned Officer – U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.  Attended Naval Flight School and designated a Naval Aviator in 1970.  Assigned to fly the A-6 Intruder.  Awarded multiple Air Medals for combat operations against the Republic of North Viet Nam.

Corporate Work Experience

Joined Mobil Oil Corporation in 1973.  Assigned to various marketing duties in California and Washington State.  Positions held in retail marketing, site selection, site management of corporate owned convenient stores and gasoline facilities, gasoline and convenient store distributor business advisor.

1989 joined BP Oil Company.  Supervised all BP corporate owned Washington State gasoline and convenience store locations 1990 transferred to BP corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.  Assumed duties in the Real Estate division for case management of all on-going and potential eminent domain cases for retail and terminal properties.  When BP acquired Amoco sites in the mid-west and Arco on the west coast, assumed management for entire portfolio of condemnation cases both on-going and potential takings throughout the U.S.  Case load was approximately 250 cases.

Corporate Education

As Real Estate Manager – Governmental Affairs, attended countless in-house and on-the-job training in operations (gasoline delivery), site engineering, CAD engineering classes, site design theory, cost/site budgeting for rebuilds, real estate acquisition and divestment seminars, traffic engineering and negotiation skills classes.  Also attended the International Right of Way Association Educational Seminar and the ALI-ABA (American Law Institute – American Bar Association) yearly Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation Seminar.

Specific Duties as Real Estate Project Manager – Governmental Affairs

When advised of potential impact of project to BP properties, initiate contact with governmental agency.  If public hearings were held, would participate on behalf of BP.  Would request job/construction plans of the project.  Have project plotted on survey and/or as-built drawing.  Analyze impact to site.  If necessary, design cure for impact with related costs.  Advise governmental agency of suggested cure and costs for the project.  Negotiate and finalize agreement, then oversee conveyance of property.  If no agreement, compile team to support analysis of all costs and project impact, in pursuit of fair market value.  Team would normally consist of engineering consultant, (both construction and traffic) property appraiser and local outside real estate counsel after filing.  During this phase would continue negotiations with governmental agency.  If necessary, would then prepare for trial, oversee consultants and legal team.  Testify on behalf of BP for marketing impact to land and business operations.  If jury trial result was unacceptable, advise legal counsel to file appeal.  Continue pursuit of fair market value for impact to land and business.


Have been declared an expert witness in 27 U.S. jurisdictions in regards to roadway expansions and impact to gasoline and convenience store businesses.  Have also testified on behalf of private property owners (outside of BP ownership) in eminent domain trials for impact of loss of land, access and business operations.

On-Going Consulting Cases

Currently under contract with ExxonMobil for cases in New York, BP on the West Coast and independent Chevron and Shell dealers in the greater Seattle area. 


You may contact Steve directly at (360) 922-0460.

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